Installation and Removal

Our experienced and licensed teams travel all over the Northeast, ensuring that signs are installed properly, safely, and with as little interruption as possible. We have a range of installation equipment that allows us to access buildings and pylons at varying heights. Our installers follow OSHA and ANSI guidelines for safety.
We will remove and dispose of unwanted signage when installing new signs, and can also take care of de-branding if a business is moving out of its location. We recycle discarded sign materials whenever possible.



 Service and Maintenance

 Our skilled technicians can attend to:
-Troubleshooting and repair of malfunctioning signs
-Structural repair from any type of damage
-Lighting repair/replacement
-Ballast and transformer replacement
-Neon repair/replacement
-Night illumination checks
-Sign cleaning




LED Retrofitting

We can renew your fluorescent-lit sign by retrofitting to energy efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs, the new standard in sign lighting. Less power usage results in lower energy bills and significantly longer bulb life means fewer bulb-changing service trips.
In certain cases there may be energy rebates available for this type of changeover.